Neomium successfully incubated in ESA BIC Bavaria

Neomium GmbH incubated at ESA BIC: Beginning 15 December 2022, Neomium GmbH is starting their incubation period of 24 months at the Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency.

Successful incubation start at ESA BIC Bavaria in Oberpfaffenhofen: Founders Marius, Jürgen, Roxana and Tobias (left to right)
From their homepage:

From their homepage:

“In 2004, we started the first space business incubator in the Bavarian aerospace hot spot Oberpfaffenhofen. This was possible on behalf of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and with support of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. The surrounding lakes, the view of the Alps and the proximity to Munich offered the perfect space for business innovation.
Together we recognised the economic importance of space technologies for the creation of new ventures at an early stage. The huge commercial potential of satellite systems in general as well as the European satellite navigation and Earth observation programmes have always played a key role for us from day one. Our main target groups are visionary startups, entrepreneurs and scientific employees from research institutes and universities. The brilliant business ideas of these innovators reflect the propulsion component of ESA BIC Bavaria.

Let’s make the world a better place with space products and services.”

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We are very happy to join the ESA BIC Bavaria program and are looking forward to the cooperation and the new opportunities it will bring to Neomium.

Neomium GmbH is a start-up company founded in October 2022. We are fully committed to help advancing electrification in mobile and static applications by supplying our cutting-edge hardware and know-how to the market.